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Nick W.
5 (141 reviews)
223 shelf mounting tasks done
How I can help:
Don't know the difference between a Boat Anchor and a Wall-Anchor? Do you want TVs, pictures, mirrors, or white-boards mounted? I'm Your Tasker! If you want TV wires hidden inside drywall, mounting boxes are extra.
Artur M.
5 (180 reviews)
290 shelf mounting tasks done
How I can help:
I have an experience for 3 years to mount TVs, pictures and different types of art on different types of wall: drywall, concrete, bricks. I have right tool for that. If you need good service and friendly professional, I’m the person who you need!
John J.
5 (42 reviews)
74 shelf mounting tasks done
How I can help:
I've done over 1600 total Tasks and counting. Which means I am more than qualified to handle your General Mounting needs. I provide my own tools and looking forward to working with you.
Rylan L.
Elite Tasker
5 (34 reviews)
57 shelf mounting tasks done
How I can help:
Overhead storage for your garage, Tvs, floating shelves for your board game collection, photos and wall decor to snazz up the place, porch swings, whatever you need, I got you. I have all my own tools and select hardware like drywall anchors.
Michael G.
5 (447 reviews)
593 shelf mounting tasks done
How I can help:
I put myself thru school remodeling homes and doing various home installations. I have all the basic hand tools and power tools to get the job done the right way. Im very efficient and i do it the right way so it lasts.
Victor B.
Elite Tasker
5 (338 reviews)
607 shelf mounting tasks done
How I can help:
🐕🐕 If you need anything hung, I can help. I have the knowledge, experience, the right tools & hardware to make your mounting experience a safe one. TV's,Art,Curtains,Shelves, Furniture, etc🐕🐕
Miles K.
5 (373 reviews)
632 shelf mounting tasks done
How I can help:
I have the tools and experience to mount many items including TV’s, curtains, blinds, pictures, mirrors, shelves, white boards and more. I can pick up the required supplies for mounting items if needed as well.
Alyosha S.
Elite Tasker
5 (89 reviews)
120 shelf mounting tasks done
How I can help:
✅ TVs • ART • MIRRORS • DECORATIONS ⚜️ 5+ years’ experience and a genuine desire to help you out. I am strong, tall, and have all the necessary tools. ⭐️Check out my reviews⭐️ Always happy to go above and beyond.
Jean L.
5 (139 reviews)
276 shelf mounting tasks done
How I can help:
I'm well trained in the art of mounting things. Whether it's a t.v, shelves, paintings or even plants from the ceiling. I also worked for an art gallery up in the north east doing installations, so if you want it level and centered I'm your guy

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