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Christopher C.
5 (7 reviews)
7 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
I'm not a professional but I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to electricity. I've completely wired my basement while finishing it, replaced outlets & lights at an apartment building I own, added new electrical outlets for appliances and many other electrical projects. I treat this task very seriously and won't take on something I can't do.
Joseph A.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I can provide a high level of service and expertise on any task given. With a construction background and a lots of DIY experience, I know I can provide the help you need to get the job done!
David A.
1 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
David is a professional handyman and has tackled all sorts of electrical projects for his clients from simple troubleshooting to upgrades and modifications He brings all of his own tools and equipment, ready to help with whatever project you have for him. You'll be happy you chose to work with David as he provides a polite and professional experience every time!
Michael Ray D.
5 (5 reviews)
6 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
Over 30 years of experience in all phases of electrical work in clients homes. Have my own tools to complete all aspects of your project. I treat everyone’s home and project like it is my own. I am very respectful, efficient, and dependable on every project.
Shawn F.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I grew up on a ranch and was always involved with projects at home or in the shop. Anything from small plumbing projects, to electrical work, or even drywall repair are easy enough to handle. I have all my own tools and am happy to come and help!
Andrew B.
5 (4 reviews)
4 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
I have 7 years experience in the energy efficient lighting market. This experience includes installing new LED fixtures (interior and exterior) and retrofitting fluorescent fixtures. I also wired new sensors and controls for building automation.
Dylan S.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
6+ years working as a professional service technician for a utility company. 12+ years performing contractor work for my own handyman business, on my own home and on several rental properties. I bring my own tools and show up on time and work safely
Neil E.
1 light installation tasks done
How I can help:
Have worked in the past with both high voltage A/C and D/C. 15 years in the construction and mining industry. I know what I can do and what I shouldn’t do. Electrical appliances, repairs, troubleshooting, installations will be no problem.
Adam Y.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I’ve replace many electrical outlets, changed light fixtures. I helped with getting the wiring to a tiny home and replaced circuit breakers. I have also combined switches together so that only one switched turned on both fixtures.