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Sean E.
5 (2 reviews)
3 produce gardening tasks done
How I can help:
Keep a small chain saw in my truck. Good for some limb clearing. Don't travel with the equipment for a lawn mow.
Chris M.
5 (4 reviews)
10 produce gardening tasks done
How I can help:
Working for my uncles construction company I've done a lot of yard work, whether it was laying down a brick walk way, raking leaves, weed wracking, mowing the lawn. I consider myself to be well rounded when it comes to yard work.
Carlos R.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I have 10+ years working with father doing landscaping. I am not mow the yard guy every week. I like to do the planting, mulching and design work. I work by myself or with my partner for larger projects. Raking, weeding, gardening, planting, mulching, design and excavating for beds. I can also remove junk, limited to truck loads or small trailer. I also pressure wash homes and driveways.
Seydou D.
5 (3 reviews)
6 produce gardening tasks done
How I can help:
I do have yard work experience. All I need is your instructions and I’m good to go.
Aidan L.
4.8 (18 reviews)
25 produce gardening tasks done
How I can help:
I have years of experience working outside and gardening, raking, mowing, weed eating, and hauling yard debris. I unfortunately cannot provide my own tools. I will work hard every single day.
Lee T.
4.9 (12 reviews)
24 produce gardening tasks done
How I can help:
3+ years landscaping experience. Can build/repair fences, add/maintain gardens, haul away trash, etc.. Chainsaw certified, can remove branches and trees.
Ronald A.
5 (61 reviews)
96 produce gardening tasks done
How I can help:
As a homeowner I understand that sometimes you can’t do everything around the house, let alone your outdoor space. I can cut your grass, trim the edges, plant some trees, fix your landscape, among other task that simply many of us don’t have time.
5 (4 reviews)
4 produce gardening tasks done
How I can help:
I don't have equipment but I can do most yardwork. I'm looking for a simple lawn mowing job and edging.
Antonio M.
5 (2 reviews)
2 produce gardening tasks done
How I can help:
Landscaping, property mantenience, sale and placement of gravel, limestone, rock, sand, mulch vegetable, soil! stone wall and cement curb. asphalt & concrete big and smalls business