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Jae F.
5 (4 reviews)
4 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
I have an eye for organizing, and am happy to help you optimize your space!
Aron M.
5 (3 reviews)
3 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
*2 hour minimum* I have a load of experience with organizing things! Im happy to help
Geoffrey M.
5 (1 review)
1 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
In organizing things (household items, clothes, paperwork, tools, etc.), I can adhere to specific rules or instructions you tell me. Without specific rules or instructions, I have a pretty good sense of what belongs together.
Jenna Q.
5 (5 reviews)
5 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
All about organizing and bringing structure to spaces that need it! I am the go to person with all my friends to come through and organise their life, their car, their closets and shoes. And I’ll bring some great conversation to match! 3 hr minimum
Sueann M.
5 (61 reviews)
91 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
Fast, efficient & organized... I can help weed away what you do not need. Let’s tackle those desks, closets, files, crafting supplies... your area will be neat and make sense. A whole new space! 2 hr min please.
Craig G.
New to Taskrabbit
How I can help:
I always keep my work space organized and optimized, and at home I am constantly organizing, cleaning up around and outsmarting a very active toddler. 2 hour minimum due to the logistics of a large city.
Dylan W.
5 (6 reviews)
8 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
I’ve always been a great organizer. From grouping items together in categories and finding what is broken and what is unnecessary to the area! Garages, basements and storage sheds are my speciality’s but I’m able to concur most tasks.
Dalia R.
5 (12 reviews)
17 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
My min. is 2 hours.I have many years experience as a profesional organizer. I stopped working during the pandemic and I'm back.Yay!!! I'm an expert in redoing rooms, closets, furnishings, shelves, kitchens and stacks of mail and paperwork. I'm NOT a packer or unpacker for moving. If it requires over a 2 step ladder or too heavy of a box - I'm not the right tasker. Hire me and you won't be disappointed. Sorry, NOT working for hoarders.
Scott M.
5 (2 reviews)
2 organize a room tasks done
How I can help:
I am the epitome of organization, a master with a labeling machine and overall great guy.