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Kelly K.
5 (129 reviews)
191 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
If you need furniture put together I'm your guy. I used to work as a furniture maker so I can assemble pretty much anything with efficiency and an eye for the details. I am happy to provide all tools for the job.
Brendon E.
Elite Tasker
5 (343 reviews)
552 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I’d love to help you assemble furniture. If you ask for a sooner time I can always try to make it happen. I have experience with most home depot, wayfair, ikea, ashley furniture, and kanes furniture. Mounting will include an expense charge.
Loren D.
Elite Tasker
5 (289 reviews)
397 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I have been assembling furniture for TaskRabbit for over 4 years. I have done countless builds and ready to help you with your next project!
Gustavo N.
Elite Tasker
5 (71 reviews)
116 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I have 7 years of experience. There's nothing I can't assemble, I am a Expert at assembling IKEA, Amazon or all kind of furniture. Especially with IKEA pax wardrobes. Home and office furniture, I have all the tools to make the task done ✅
Seth M.
5 (185 reviews)
311 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
IKEA Furniture is my forte! But I can assemble anything. I’ve completed nearly 350 tasks on this platform. I am friendly, quick and efficient! Please check out some of my reviews and view some of my work below!
Sadia N.
5 (102 reviews)
170 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
I have all of my own tools and I have assembled hundreds of various items to date. I really enjoy assembling furniture and I treat every project with care and precision. Assembly is just like doing puzzles, and I love both.
Kristian S.
5 (158 reviews)
227 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
Reliable. Fast. Great attitude! +100 five star reviews to prove it. I see furniture assembly like a kid sees a new Lego set: it’s fun! I have a box full of assembly tools, and a smile, ready to go!
Cesar S.
Elite Tasker
5 (97 reviews)
164 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
TOP WORKER, with 7 years of experience and 2 years of work with TaskRabbit with more than 600 jobs on this platform, do you want a safe and quality job? just do your hiring
Joel R.
Elite Tasker
5 (251 reviews)
356 furniture assembly tasks done
How I can help:
PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY- Very fast/expert builder while maintaining the upmost in quality, I have design/engineering and mechanical background. I assemble ANYTHING, including all furniture. I always have 2 hour minimum invoice. Baseboard removal for flush mount cost extra. Moving boxes up stairs cost extra, advisable to pay delivery team extra for this, it is worth it. Mounting anything outside normally mounted furniture cost extra. I only solo task, if job requires more than one tasker please select a different tasker, I can easily handle up to 6 to 8 separate pieces myself. Larger tasks you can book me multiple days, the latest I can start a task is 10:30am (some exceptions made), fully vaccinated. I am temporarily unavailable to do PAX Wardrobe installations or Murphy beds.