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From replacing light bulbs to installing light fixtures, let Taskers enlighten your space.

From replacing light bulbs to installing light fixtures, let Taskers enlighten your space.

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Lighting Installation Services

If you could clone yourself, how many of you would it take to screw in a lightbulb? None. All of your clones would rather hire a Tasker so that you could do something awesome together. 

In all seriousness, there are a number of light installation tasks that the average person does not have the time, tools, skills, or desire to take on themselves. Sometimes you’re just not sure about getting up on a ladder, and sometimes you need someone to work with some wires. 

Either way, there are experienced Taskers that would be happy to help.

Recessed lighting installation

Recessed lighting, also known as can lights, can add unique warmth and color to your room. It’s common to install recessed lights during remodeling projects.

LED light installation

LED lights add a modern aesthetic to your space, and their bulbs are some of the longest lasting.

Ceiling light installation

Ceiling lights can be tricky to install, but with the help of an experienced Tasker you can your ceiling lights and or ceiling fans ready to go in no time.


Note: If your project requires a licensed contractor, confirm your Tasker has the licenses needed when describing the job. 

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Frequently asked questions

Light installation starts at $25-40 per hour, although prices vary from Tasker to Tasker. When you hire a Tasker, you’ll describe what you need. At that point, you can browse the selection and select a Tasker by reviews, skills, and price. Once you’ve agreed on job details, you’ll pay and leave your review right through TaskRabbit. It’s a secure and secure way to hire a helping hand.


Most non-LED lights have a lifespan of about 2,000-2,500 hours of use, whereas LED lights tend to last upwards of 50,000 hours of use. Of course, if you notice that the lights are dim, damaged, or not how you want them to look, you’ll probably need to have a Tasker help you replace them sooner rather than later. 


You should always be sure that whoever is installing a light fixture in your home has the right training, license, and experience to complete the task. Licensing requirements may vary depending on where you live, but many Taskers will have the right qualifications to be able to install your light fixture for you--just let them know exactly what you need!

*Note: Licensing requirements for installing light fixtures and related tasks vary from state to state. Confirm your Tasker has any needed license(s) needed when describing the job.

Yes, it is possible to have a ceiling light installed without an existing wire, but it would be best to work with a Tasker who is also a licensed electrician to ensure that the installation is performed safely and properly. 

*Note: Confirm your Tasker has any needed license(s) needed when describing the job.


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