Hire a Tasker to help with yardwork & landscaping!

Gardening Services

Hire a Tasker for all of your gardening needs. From new plants to garden maintenance, there's a Tasker who can help!

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Weed Removal

Looking for a weed removal service? Hire a Tasker for all of your weed pulling needs to spruce up your yard!

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Lawn Care Services

The grass is always greener when it's watered and mowed. Let local Taskers take excellent care of your lawn so you don't have to.

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Lawn Mowing Services

If you're thinking 'I need my grass cut today!' then consider hiring a Tasker. Find same day lawn mowing services with TaskRabbit.

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Landscaping Services

Keep your landscape picture perfect. From landscape maintenance to design, Taskers will keep your yard looking fantastic. Find help now.

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Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters, downspouts, and roof and install gutter guards.

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Tree Trimming Service

Hire a Tasker for all your tree trimming needs! Taskers can help with everything from tree cutting to stump removal.

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Vacation Plant Watering

Wondering how to keep your plants alive while your away? Hire a Tasker for plant watering services and rest easy.

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Patio Cleaning

Need your patio cleaned? Hire a Tasker to pressure wash your patio, clean up debris, pressure clean your outdoor furniture and more!

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Hot Tub Cleaning

Hire a Tasker to clean your hot tub or spa. They'll have it looking like new and ready for use in a snap!

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Fence Installation & Repair Services

Broken fence post? Overgrown vines? Need a new fence? Taskers can help.

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Deck Restoration Services

Get what you need done for your deck. Hire a Tasker for deck sealing, staining, repair & general restoration services.

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Patio Furniture Assembly

Hire a Tasker to assemble your outdoor patio furniture. They'll assemble everything and even haul away the old furniture.

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Fence Staining

Hire a Tasker to stain your fence and have it looking like new. Same day service available!

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Mulching Services

Hire a Tasker to lay mulch around trees, plants or anywhere you want in your yard. Tell them where to lay it and take that time for yourself.

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Lawn Fertilizer Service

Are you looking for someone to fertilize your lawn? Hire a Tasker to do the work. Same day service available!

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Hedge Trimming Service

Hire a Tasker to trim your overgrown hedges. Same day service available!

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Outdoor Party Setup

Planning an outdoor event? Hire a Tasker to help with outdoor party setup and kick off your event right.

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Urban Gardening Service

Need help with your plants around your apartment or townhome? Taskers will help keep your plants happy and healthy.

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Leaf Raking & Removal

Hire a Tasker for leaf removal

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Produce Gardening

Interested in small space vegetable gardening? Hire a Tasker to help get your produce garden started.

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Hose Installation

Need to install a water spigot or hose in your yard? Hire a Tasker to do it for you!

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Shed Maintenance

Need shed painting and maintenance services? Hire a Tasker to help.

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Pressure Washing

Hire a Tasker to help power wash the exterior of your home, driveway and more.

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Cross off that to-do

  • Select your Tasker

    Describe your task and choose a background checked and client-reviewed Tasker for the job

  • Schedule a time

    Get your task done — on your time

  • Pay when it’s done

    Pay seamlessly through the TaskRabbit platform only after your task is complete

Hear What People Are Saying

  • Jane A.
    Jane A.

    Josh did an awesome job. Arrived on time, cleaned the gutters out, cleaned up afterwards, was polite and courteous and also funny. I’ll def hire him again.

    – Jane A.

  • Molly A.
    Molly A.

    Adam did a great job with my yard and offered fast and friendly service. He showed up early for the job and got my lawn cut before the rain came. I will book Adam again!

    – Molly A.

  • Jeff M.
    Jeff M.

    Punctual, friendly, followed instructions to the T and did an amazing job!

    – Jeff M.

Frequently asked questions

Yard work services can include everything from mowing and fertilizing the lawn, to weeding and digging holes in the garden. Taskers can also provide tree trimming services as well as gutter cleaning, patio cleaning, yard cleanup, and outdoor furniture removal. The sky's the limit as to what Taskers can help you with. If it’s hard to do and in your yard, don’t hesitate to ask a Tasker for help! 

Taskers provide yardworking services starting at around $30 per hour, but prices may vary from Tasker to Tasker depending on experience, your location, and the nature of the task. 

When prioritizing yardwork, it helps to begin with the end in mind. Picture your ideal yard--what does it look like? What sort of experience do you want to enjoy every time you visit your yard? You can talk to your Taskers about what next steps you need to take to get there, and they can also help you address any urgent fixes such as drainage, weeding, infrastructure, etc. 

Every season will have different yardwork tasks that need to be done, and depending on where you live you may have different needs. Spring is usually where you’ll need to prepare your lawn for growth. Summer is where you’ll be doing more weeding and maintenance such as cutting and watering. Fall you may need to have cleanup services such as raking leaves, cleaning gutters, and pruning bushes. Winter is usually the best time for tree trimming and protecting trees from frost. 

Yardwork services

A green grass is more than just keeping up with the Joneses. Your property is your home, it’s a reflection of you and how you take care of your property, a practical way to cultivate comfort, and very easy to maintain with the help of Taskers who provide yard working services!

Good for YOUR environment.

A well maintained lawn and garden is inherently good for the environment, and it’s also good for your personal environment. A lush green grass helps reduce heat in your yard, making it easier for air conditioning to cool your home. A soft lawn and lush garden also slightly helps reduce noise, giving your home a more peaceful presence, and improves the air quality near your home by filtering out C02 and pollutants that travel with the wind.

Seasonal services available.

If you need regular grass cutting, weeding, yardwork maintenance or cleanup, you can schedule regular services with your Tasker. It’s usually a good idea to get some help to get your yard ready for the upcoming season--don’t hesitate to tap into a Tasker’s experience to help you prep for winter and challenging weather! 

Same-day services are also available if you need help finishing a project! 

Affordable yard work prices.

Taskers are not commercial businesses--they’re experienced yard workers who live in your neighborhood and want to lend a hand. Before you book a Tasker you can see their hourly rate and find a price that works for you.