The TaskRabbit Elite

Our highest rated Taskers, at your service.

The TaskRabbit Elite showcases Taskers who consistently provide the highest level of service and professionalism.

Why customers love working with the TaskRabbit Elite

People rave about their service, earning them a Positive Rating of 98% and higher.

We were very happy with the service Jay provided - he worked efficiently and thoroughly and we would happily have him back. I will be recommending him to others based on his performance.

They're highly active, completing a significant number of tasks each month.

Rosemarie cleaned meticulously and we will definitely be booking her to come back again soon. I highly recommend her!

They're also trustworthy and reliable with no violations of TaskRabbit's strict Marketplace Guidelines

How can I hire a member of the TaskRabbit Elite?

It's easy. Simply look for the TaskRabbit Elite label on your Tasker search results.

Find your Elite today!